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Ankara For Sale Apartment Prices

Districts in AnkaraPrice RangeAverage Price
Çankaya For Sale Apartment2.120.168 - 3.533.613 TRY2.826.890 TRY
Keçiören For Sale Apartment1.380.135 - 2.300.225 TRY1.840.180 TRY
Sincan For Sale Apartment1.179.915 - 1.966.525 TRY1.573.220 TRY
Etimesgut For Sale Apartment1.687.388 - 2.812.313 TRY2.249.850 TRY
Yenimahalle For Sale Apartment1.854.585 - 3.090.975 TRY2.472.780 TRY
Polatlı For Sale Apartment1.016.633 - 1.694.388 TRY1.355.510 TRY

Ankara, Turkey Apartment For Sale

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