Sector11 Turkey is a global investment company. We are among Turkey's leading real estate investment firms. We have a corporate structure that sets an example for the sector. We work within the privacy policy. We work with people and institutions that we trust. Not everyone with money can be our client. We are different. Because we are the best this work. TL 2 billion 'we are among the leading real estate investment companies with real estate investment portfolio worth Turkey. We have strong partners in many countries. We have connections and have strong partners in America - Europe and many Middle East countries . We have a strong network, including real estate investments are primarily in metropolitan Turkey. We are very strong in the domestic market, especially in İstanbul -Ankara -Antalya -Konya. We only market the properties that will win. We are also strong in finding investment partners. Our priority is to incite foreign investors to invest in Turkey and find them a strong local partners.Our sales speed is very high.
You will know us better when you work with us.
We are the best...