PROIN for investments in corridor residence a flat for sale near ataturk airport (2+1), sizes are around (101-124)m2
and prices starts with 600,000 TL to maximum with 700,000 TL , and Rental prices are between ( 2000- 2700 ) TL .

Corridor where the life passes through …

Sur Construction in Corridor, all your dreams will pass and will be a beginning a new life.
A wide boulevard is located in the middle of the flow of life and around it exclusive featured houses to suit every need…
Imagine a new meeting place with different architecture..
Imagine yourself shopping in one of the boulevards in Europe..
After drinking your coffee in a cosy cafe imagine having a nice walk in the area .. now this dream turns to be true.

Built-in found in the apartment :
Cook-top ,Oven , Dishwasher ,Hoods ,Swimming Pool,
* Fitness center, sauna, spa, steam bath, recreation room,
* Tennis, Basketball, Mini Football Field,
* Social Area* Party Terrace Area,
* A sufficient number for each apartment Parking area,
* Corridor Marketplace,
* 7/24 Security Camera System,
* All around, very close to schools and colleges,

Transportation :
* Basin Ekspress road 1.2km

* Ataturk Airport 5 km
* Costal road 6 km
* 212 shopping mall 3 km
* Starcity shopping mall 1 km

For More information you can contact us on phone or by sending us an email or even by visiting our offices , for more guidance and questioning we would be happily to assist you :

Ali Shakfa Real estate agent

PROIN for investments in corridor residence a flat for sale near ataturk airport (2+1), sizes are around (101-124)m2 a  


  • İlan No 301915
  • Tarihi 8 Haziran 2016
  • Oda Sayısı 2
  • Salon Sayısı 1
  • Banyo Sayısı 1
  • Binadaki Kat Sayısı 10-20 arası
  • Bulunduğu Kat 10
  • Bina Yaşı 1
  • Isıtma Tipi Merkezi Sistem (Isı Payı Ölçer)
  • Mobilya Durumu Eşyasız
  • Kullanım Durumu Boş
  • Yapının Durumu Sıfır
  • Konut Şekli Ara Kat

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