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Başkent Emlak Konutları Emlak Konut GYO tarafından Ankara Çankaya'da geliştirilen konut projesidir. 19 bloktan oluşan projede 1.306 konut ve 22 mağaza bulunmaktadır. Ayrıca projede 3 Adet Cami, ilkokul,......

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AND Pastel AND Pastel, AND Gayrimenkul tarafından Kartal'da geliştirilen konut ve dükkan projesidir. Proje 7 bloktan oluşmakta ve toplamda 1243 adet ünite bulunmaktadır....

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Recep Kılınç remax oluşum
Yılmaz Çetin coldwell banker saf...
Şenol Alçın K... ömür emlak
Seher Arslanboğa remax pasha kuşadası
Feride Usta kw cadde keller wıl...

Zingat.com is a property marketing platform established with the cooperation of REIDIN and Doğuş Group, and aims to be a reliable property information and marketing platform. It aims to bring the real estate investors, sellers, buyers and renters, in short, all the professional parties in the industry and consumers together. While doing this, it aims to provide an unbiased and reliable information that they will need while making a decision to buy or rent a property in a transparent manner.

What distinguishes Zingat.com from other Real Estate Portals?

Unlike other real estate websites, at Zingat.com, you can reach the most current property listings, find out the value of your home, access the property reports of the given areas and the news relating to the industry. At Zingat.com, with the up-to-date listings, you will be able to reach the property you are looking for in the fastest and the easiest way! You can also review the social facilities in the immediate vicinity of the property you examine. Reaching your dream home is very easy with Zingat.com real estate listings! Use the following applications and real estate information sources to take advantage of unbiased data while making your decision.

What is My Home Worth?

People want to know the value of their home. The "What is My Home Worth?" tool calculates the value of your home based on the data and valuation model provided by REIDIN, the real estate information service, and the average square meter of the properties within the given area. Using this free tool, you can find out the sales price, rental value and investment return period of your property.

Locational Property Reports

For real estate investors, or for the first-time home buyers, it is very important to investigate the target region and to have a good idea of what your home is worth. Therefore, we share with our users the locational real estate reports based on data provided by REIDIN for free.

Neighborhood Analysis

Use the "My neighborhood" option in the listings pinned by the real estate agents on the map, you can view the social facilities in the vicinity of the property you are interested in on the map.