How to get a Turkish Passport by Investment

You can obtain a Turkish Passport by buying a house in Turkey with following the steps below:

01 - Fill up the "Zingat Find Me a Home" Form


Once the form is completed you will be contacted within 24 hours. It is important to highlight your needs and preferences in the form. Next, we will put you in contact with the right developer from our vast network of Turkish developers.

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02 - Property Showcase


Zingat and the developer (or a real estate agent) will provide you with valuable and related information regarding properties currently available on our website.

You don't need to travel to Turkey to buy a property. However, if you are interested in visiting, we can arrange your trip by providing an airport transfer and property tour.


03 - You Purchase the Property


The process is straightforward: You sign a Property Purchase Agreement with the developer or the landlord and open a bank account with a local bank. We provide all the support you will need with our professional team and partners.


04 - Apply for a Residence Permit


To claim a residence permit, you must submit the eligibility certificate to the relevant authorities. This is required in order to initiate the citizenship application processes. The good thing is, it does not require the applicants to live in Turkey.


05 - Apply for Citizenship


Once a residency permit is granted, proceed to apply for Turkish citizenship, along with your family. The application process does not require a physical presence for interviews or submissions. After all these steps of Zingat's professional stages, you will have the Turkish Passport by buying a house.

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