Perks and Benefits of Turkey's Second Citizenship Program & Turkish Passport

Full citizenship granted.

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Once all applicants have successfully passed a background check, full citizenship will be granted.

Quick delivery.

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Once all required documentation has been submitted and approved, your citizenship and passport will be reviewed and delivered quickly, usually within 3-6 months.

One of the most sought-after citizenships in the world.

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Turkey is a developing nation and is currently one of the most sought-after citizenships in the world. You are also able to have a regular income with investments,

Visa-free travel to approximately 100 countries.

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You can travel visa-free to many countries, all over the world with a Turkish passport.

No minimum residency required.

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You are not required to live in Turkey for any specific period of time.

Top 30 passports in the world.

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Turkey’s continuing development has made it appealing on the world stage. In fact, a Turkish passport in among the most sought in the world.

Turkish passport validity.

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Once you have your passport, you can take comfort in not having to renew it for 10 years, and it is valid for life.

Full, free medical and life assistance.

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Enjoy the comfort of free medical expenses and life insurance with your new Turkish citizenship. This applies to all members of the family.

No need to declare your assets.

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Any assets you may have are considered private and are not required to be declared on your application.

Turkey allows dual citizenships.

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No need to renounce your previous citizenship. In Turkey you can enjoy dual citizenship.

No military service for applicants.

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There is no mandatory military service required for applicants.

Free education and university reimbursement.

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With your Turkish citizenship, you will have access to free education and reimbursement of any university fees.

Future access to the EU and other countries.

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Being a citizen of Turkey will allow you access to the EU and 26 Schengen Zone countries, even without a visa.

Investments are refundable.

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Any investments you may have will be refundable, if profitable.

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