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For Sale Apartment Prices

Popular CitiesPrice RangeAverage Price
İstanbul For Sale Apartment2.924.298 - 4.873.830 TRY3.899.064 TRY
İzmir For Sale Apartment2.302.625 - 3.837.709 TRY3.070.167 TRY
Ankara For Sale Apartment1.561.889 - 2.603.149 TRY2.082.519 TRY
Antalya For Sale Apartment2.330.106 - 3.883.510 TRY3.106.808 TRY
Bursa For Sale Apartment1.441.985 - 2.403.308 TRY1.922.646 TRY
Adana For Sale Apartment1.329.715 - 2.216.191 TRY1.772.953 TRY

Turkey Apartment For Sale

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