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content-1 is Turkey's leading online real estate listings company. was established in 2015 and owned by the Middle East-based Property Finder Group, Reidin & Turkey's largest & trusted group company, DOGUS.

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Expertise by Years of Experience


Over the past couple of years, Zingat has continuously shaped the property industry in Turkey. It has been successful in doing so by providing Turkish citizens and foreign investors exclusive residential and commercial properties. With 5 years of collaboration with REIDIN, the leading property information services located in Turkey and the United Arab Emirates, your property aspirations and investments are in safe hands.

Trusted Brand


We are trusted by over 7 million local and international users monthly. Our subscribers trust in our integrity, which we have continuously built over the years, to provide them with their desired property options in Turkey.



Transparency is a critical element of property negotiations. With our motto of 'Property.Information.Trust', Zingat aims to make property markets transparent by providing detailed market data analytics on our property pages. Investors can understand their desired locations and extensive neighborhoods. We also offer in-depth price analytics and evaluation tools for transparent assessments.

Real estate investment is one of the most important financial decisions people make in their lives. Zingat aims to provide individuals with the information, trust, and service they require, while making this critical decision transparently.

There is minimal data and information regarding real estate in our country. Zingat offers accurate and useful information in all areas of real estate. This is thanks to its collaboration with REIDIN, the first and most prominent real estate information platform and professional analysis-content teams, which focus only on developing countries of the world.

Wide Range of Options


Zingat has a wide range of options for new residential properties on its portal. With thousands of projects and hundreds of new residential projects, there is always something to fulfill your needs. If you are not interested in something new, then our 10K+ real estate agents’ network can still show you around 200K+ listings across Turkey.

Zingat Find Me A Home – Free Services


Now there is no need to search for a property for hours or days without success. Zingat’s ‘Find Me A Home’ service is here to assist you. Kindly leave your information and your desired property choice; our experts will contact you within 24 hours and assist you in finding that dream home.

Zingat is not an agent nor a developer. Zingat aims to serve consumers to find their dream homes. We don't charge you for these services. Zingat makes money by providing subscription services to agents and developers for listing their properties.

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Quality is our mantra, and we strive to live by it. We exist to provide an excellent service. Whenever you need it, our team is ready to help.

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